THE 1000 – Theatre Appreciation  –  Instructor Kristin Graham

Learn about the history of theatre from the Greeks and Romans to our Contemporary World theatre!   Attend Polk State Theatre Productions, local community theatre, or professional productions!

ONLINE THE 1000 – Theatre Appreciation – Instructor Paul Carbonell!  

Fulfills AA General Ed Requirement

TPP 2110 – Acting I-Fundamentals  –  Instructor Mark Hartfield

Ever wonder what it takes to bring a character to life and hold the audience in the palm of your hand?  Then take an ACTING CLASS!  It’s fun, raucous, and physically challenging.

TPP 2111 – Acting Fundamentals II Instructor Mark Hartfield

Continue your acting studies past the basics of TPP 2110 with work on characterization and finding  your own unique acting style. Through scene work and exploration of acting styles we will discover your own personal technique.

TPP 2250 – Musical Theatre Performance  –  Instructor Mark Hartfield

Musical Theatre is the most popular type of theatre in America today. In this class we will learn through scene work and study of musical plays how to portray realistic and believable characters even while singing, dancing or speaking on the musical stage.

TPA 2200 – Fundamentals of Stage Craft –  Instructor Stephen Packard

We can see magic ON stage – but what goes on BACK stage? Find out in this class that covers the basics of technical theatre and introduces the student to the secrets behind the magic of theatre.

TPA 1290L – Technical Theatre –  Instructor Stephen Packard

Learn about the backstage world of theatre and participate in full mainstage productions!  This semester help build, light, and run Little Women the Musical!

TPP 1190L – Rehearsal & Performance –  Instructors Mark Graham & Mark Hartfield

Designed for students who participate in our fall productions of Lend Me a Tenor and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.   Offered FT1 or FT2.  Contact Prof. Hartfield about signing up.

 More information:  Contact Mark Hartfield at



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