On your mark! Get set! BURN RUBBER! EdREV is leaving its mark on the Faculty participating  this year.  From the innovative technologies to the exploration of new mediums and strategies, participants have been supercharged to revolutionize their educational pedagogies. They are using iPad Pros, Apple TV, GoPro cameras, Camtasia and much more to begin new methods for reaching their students. As the program progresses, we are implementing new strategies for each EdREV cohort. The newest changes mean moving to a small group and topic focused model, where each participant selects a track of interest and designs a project to accomplish. Each track has an EdREV lead technician that will work along side, helping set goals to bring each faculty member’s plan/project into reality. Along the way, all of the EdREV participants will meet four times together as an entire group, to share their projects and learn from each other in a community of practice. During the time in-between the four sessions, they will work one on one with their team or a lead technician to build and implement what they set out to create. We feel this model is very effective in helping participant’s use the technology and strategies to REV up their educational engines and burn some rubber!

WHO: Full-time Faculty

WHAT:  A professional development opportunity, hosted by the Teaching and Learning Innovation Centers. The EdREV Program introduces new technologies, instructional strategies, and state-of-the-art technology tools that can be used to innovate the classroom experience and engage learners. Through the program you will develop/create a project centered around one instructional pedagogy listed below, to work on over the course of the year and  implement in one or more of courses.

WHEN: 4 Community of Practice meetings + monthly work meetings with lead technicians + presentation video during poster session at PD Day

HOW: Partnered with the TLIC staff (and other faculty & support staff) of “Lead Technicians” you will meet monthly to build your project and achieve the goals you set before yourself at the beginning of the year. You will also find that the community of practice meetings will aid in your progress as your peers often have great insight to share. You will also gain access to a plethora of new technology tools, of which you will get to choose one to be your “take-away” for participating during the year. (ie: Camtasia license for your desktop computer, Apple TV assigned to you, Software licenses for specific programs etc…)

Only 20 spots per campus are available for the 2017-2018 Academic Year.

Registration will be open starting in August 2017 and the deadline will be August 31.

Interested? Contact Cody Moyer.