1. Accessing email and using your Office 365 Student Account

    Polk State College’s Office 365 account includes the following:

    • Access to your @my.polk.edu student email
    • Free cloud Storage through OneDrive
    • Free access to the full Microsoft Office Suite Including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams, etc.

    Student Email Account First Access

    In order to access your student email account for the first time, you will need two things:

    1. Your assigned institutional email address which you can find in Passport.
      Not sure how-to login to passport? View this guide on how to access.
    2. Your Student ID.
      Not sure your Student ID? Please call 863-297-1000.

    Once you have collected the required items:

    1. Visit portal.office.com
    2. Enter your institutional assigned @my.polk.edu email address you collected from Passport
    3. Enter your password. By default this is your student ID with the first letter being capitalized, no spaces or dashes
    4. If this is your first-time logging in, you will be prompted to enter additional information to assist you in resetting your password in the future.

    Student Email Account Password Reset

    1. Visit portal.office.com
    2. On the sign-in page select “Can’t access your account
    3. Select “Work or School Account” if prompted
    4. Enter your @my.polk.edu email address assigned in Passport
    5. You will then be prompted to verify you are the owner of the account by validating one of the methods presented.
      Note: The system will use the information you provided during initial setup for validating your identity.

    Student Email Update Phone Verification Details

    1. Visit account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com
    2. Sign in with your @my.polk.edu address assigned in Passport
    3. In the upper right-hand corner of the page, select the Avatar logo next to your name and choose “Profile”
    4. Under Manage Account, select “Set up self service password reset”

    For a more in-depth guide with screenshots please view this guide.

  2. Chromebook- Student Setup


    • Make sure that you have an available internet connection and the access password. If you do not have internet or wireless availability, please call Spectrum at 1-844-488-8395 for assistance with this process. You may qualify for 60 days of FREE service.
    • Create a Google or Gmail Email Account here: www.google.com/accounts  Your email address and password will be needed to start the setup process.
    • If you require assistance with this process, please call the helpdesk at (863)292-0652.

    If you’ve never used a device with a touchpad: 

    • The touchpad area takes the place of a mouse. A single finger moved around the trackpad will cause a response similar to moving a mouse, allowing navigation of the cursor on the screen.
    • A single finger press and release on the touchpad will perform a left mouse button click action (to position/reposition the placement of the cursor).
    • Using two fingers on the touchpad in a press and release will perform a right mouse button click action (where extra choices are often available).
    • Using two fingers on the touchpad, sliding up or down will allow a scrolling action.
    • Using two fingers on the the touchpad, sliding side to side will move you through open websites or open document pages (before or after).

    Keyboard Shortcuts/Search:
    Use the search button on the left of the keyboard, or press and hold the Ctrl and Alt keys together and then press the ? key.

    1. After unboxing the Chromebook, plug the chromebook into power using the provided cable.
    2. Turn on the Chromebook by pressing the power button.
    3. Once it turns on you’ll see the welcome screen includes a setup button Lets go.  Choose your language and network connection (network name and password need to be entered) and click connect.
    4. Accept the terms and conditions.
    5. Follow the prompt to sign in to your google account and to choose your profile picture (optional).

    Please note, the chromebook desktop does not allow for any icons. At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a dark gray horizontal stripe, referred to as a shelf. The shelf is where you can access apps that are ‘pinned’ or currently running.

    ​Status Tray:

    • On the bottom right next to your profile picture. To view your chromebook status and settings, open the status area by clicking your profile picture on the bottom right. You’ll find your networks, battery life, settings and more. For FAQ and Helpful articles, use the ? Icon. To change your settings, click settings. You can search for what you want to change, (wallpaper, lockscreen), choose an item from the verticle list on the left, or scroll through the available choices to setup.

    Apps Launcher:

    • On the bottom left, is a circle icon called the apps launcher. Click the app launcher and then click the angled pointer above the search/typeable field, to see all the apps. You can also search for apps in the typeable field. To create a folder of your apps just drag one app onto another and for easy access you can pin them to the shelf by two finger clicking the icon and selecting the choice ‘pin to shelf’. Use the store app to download additional apps that might be needed.
  3. Downloading the Microsoft Office Suite

    The following instructions will work for Staff, Faculty, and Students:

    1. Log into portal.office.com as you would to view your email from the web.
    2. One the next screen, select the “Install Office” button at the top right.
    3. After the download completes, open the newly downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Polk State College Wi-Fi

    This site will guide you on how to best enroll and access the Wi-Fi network at Polk State College. 

    NOTE: The links below will guide you through the Polk State College Wireless On-Boarding process. 

     For illustrated examples of “How To”, see Related Info on this page. 


    Student Wireless On-Boarding Guideline 


    Vendor/Guests On-Boarding Guideline 

    Faculty/Adjuncts/Staff (Personal Devices) 

    Faculty/Adjunct/Staff On-Boarding Guideline 

    Staff (College Owned Devices) 

    1. Polk State College Owned devices used solely by a staff member will be pre-configured to join the POLKSTATE-EQUIPMENT wireless SSID. If for some reason your device is unable to connect, please contact Infrastructure and User Services at extension 5111. 

    Polk State Wireless FAQ’s 

    Polk State Wireless FAQ’s 

    Polk State Wireless Safeconnect Information 

    Polk State Wireless Safeconnect Information