Technology Services

Technology Infrastructure and User Support Services

The Information Technology and Services (IT&S) Department offers a wide array of services to aid and assist Polk State College students, faculty, and staff in the best possible educational experience. Our staff is here to ensure technology use is a positive experience. IT&S provides full classroom support including desktop and networking services and media technology services. Enterprise systems and programming supports the College’s administrative system, Genesis.

Learning Technology

The Learning Technology Department promotes the integration of technology into instruction. Our responsibilities include the support of classroom media technology as well as software within the learning environment, including Canvas and a multitude of other software packages and tools for innovation. Our team is here to assist faculty and staff. We host a myriad of training opportunities and instructional initiatives. The AV Learning Technicians and the Teaching and Learning Innovation Centers are located on both campuses.

Help Desk Services

Polk State College Help Desk is your first point of contact for any technology issue. The Help Desk serves as the central point of contact for managing, communicating, and facilitating resolution of college-owned computer, software, and telecommunication related issues. The Help Desk works in conjunction with Instructional Technology and Technology Infrastructure and User Support Services. The Polk State College Help Desk serves all campuses and centers.