In TALON’s high school program, Technobots, students entering grades 9 through 12 can participate in one of two programs: Robotics or Digital Media.


Students in the high school program grades 9th – 12th work with VEX robots. These robots are more advanced in nature and require both autonomous and teleoperation activities than the LEGO Mindstorm kits. Students learn to program in Easy C, design a system that accomplishes a task, test and redesign based upon findings, and use engineering principals to respond to a challenge. Through wireless technology, sensors, and programming, students will complete challenges and tasks.  Solidworks, a 3-D design tool is used to create and manipulate elements.

The two week time frame of the high school curriculum is highly focused and rigorous. Students complete complex tasks in a short period of time, all while having fun and working in teams.

  • Students are immersed in VEX robotics design and programming
  • A pipeline to programming, robotics, and engineering academies

Returning TALON students can expect more in-depth programming and design skills!

Registration Instructions for Eaglebots & Technobots

Digital Media

Filled by instructor recommendation only. Students must have previous digital media experience to qualify for this program.

Students in the digital media program develop a comprehensive marketing strategy for the TALON Robotics program. This program is the longest in length and time commitment. The quality and content of the program has been aligned with Polk State College digital media coursework. This group of students design print materials such as t-shirts, brochures, signs, logos, and other visual aids; created video products for distribution telling all about the different features of the program, and designed this website to support the long range sustainability and dissemination of program activities.

During the time of the program students develop the plan, capture photos and video, work on storyboards, collaborate as a creative team, interview students, design graphic elements that describe the essence and excitement of the program, and learn a variety of techniques for sharing a concept with the world. The audiences for these products, developed by this team are diverse and the materials speak to parents, community members, and cultivate interest in middle and high school students. A VERY tall task indeed! The students are embedded in the delivery of the middle school / high school programs including attending field trips. At the conclusion of the program, students take the significant time to produce products for sharing with the world.

  • Design, plan, capture, and produce a multimedia marketing campaign for the entire TALON Robotics program
  • Students work on both the Lakeland and Winter Haven campuses