What does it take to be a Mentor in the TALON Robotics Summer Program?

You must –

  • Be entering the 11th or 12th grade on September 1st
  • Have a strong interest in mentoring students entering the 6th, 7th and 8th grade who are working with LEGO Robotics
  • Commit to attend and participate in Mentor Orientation
  • Commit to volunteering from 8:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
  • Participate in field trips with students (during program hours)
  • Be in good academic standing and have an exemplary disciple record
  • Complete Step 1, our online questions via our Mentor Application including providing two teacher references (provided for in the Application Process)
  • Your application will be reviewed for approval.   Please allow 24-48 hours for review.  You will be notified once approved and given the next steps.  You may contact Christy Canady ( directly for status updates & specific requests.

What is the benefit to you by becoming a Mentor?

  • Earn valuable service hours
  • Share knowledge you have with other students – be a leader, hone your leadership skills
  • Participate in a two week summer camp program at NO cost to you and/or your parents (includes snack, lunch, tshirt)

Important Mentor Program Guidelines –

  • Becoming a mentor is a commitment you have made with the help of your parent/guardian.  The TALON program depends upon our mentors to be on time and always available during the program hours.  Failure to attend will result in termination, and service hours will not be signed off on.
  • Additionally, be mindful that this is a learning experience for our TALON students, you are there to MENTOR not to play with or to do the student’s work.
  • We expect the mentor’s cell phone and other electronic devices to be kept off and out of sight during the program hours so that you can focus on the students and tasks at hand.  Mentors will receive regular break periods during which time you can view messages and make phone calls.

Click here to Begin the Application Process to become a Mentor.

Application Instructions for Mentors is a helpful guide to complete Step 1, the Application Process.

Mentors are a critical component to the success of our TALON Program!  Please consider becoming a mentor today.