TALON’s middle school program, Eaglebots, centers on LEGO robotics including EV3 (Lego’s latest addition) options. Students entering 6th, 7th and 8th grade work with LEGO Robotics to complete three challenges: a triathlon, a green city challenge and a sumo bot competition. Each of these activities is highly challenging and can be adapted based upon the student level of robotic experience. Students build robots, learn to program them, consider design, and test their robots to accomplish their goals.

There are new and exciting activities planned for returning TALON students!

Near the end of the program, participants model a spirit of “gracious professionalism” (a concept defined and supported by the FIRST organization: usfirst.org) as they compete against one another in a competition.

  • Field trips connect program experiences to work and careers
  • Lively, fun team competitions
  • Learn to use autonomous programming to solve math and science problems
  • High school mentors guide the teams

 Registration Instructions for Eaglebots & Technobots