Clinical Education Resources

Thank you for your support in providing clinical experiences to our PTA students! On this page you will find resources and information about the clinical education component of Polk State College’s PTA program.

Are You a Clinical Instructor?

Why should you become a clinical instructor? There are many benefits and advantages of becoming a clinical instructor.

  • Keep current with new ideas from students
  • Makes you think
  • Challenge yourself
  • Easiest way for lifelong learning
  • Get to mold the next generation of therapists
  • Rediscover love for PT
  • See how & what students are learning
  • Sharing what you know keeps you involved in the profession

Here, at Polk State College, our PTA program clinical instructors are provided access to resources here on campus such as the library, bookstore, and computing center. If you are an active clinical instructor for the PTA program at Polk State College, and would like access to any one of these resources, please contact us.

Student Supervision

Medicare has no specific student supervision policy or restrictions for Part A patients in hospital settings. New regulations went into effect on October 1, 2011 relating to student supervision for Part A patients in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The new less restrictive regulations now state “each SNF would determine for itself the appropriate manner of supervision of therapy students consistent with applicable state and local laws and practice standards.”

For guidance on the new Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations, see the CMS Training Module for FY 2012 (PDF–slides 18-28, 33-34) as well as the APTA Student Supervision Guidelines.

Clinical Education Evaluation Forms

The APTA’s PTA-Clinical Performance Instrument is the form used to assess student performance during clinical affiliations.
The following forms will be used in clinical assessment. Please see Related Info on the right side of the page and click on the respective link to download the form.

  • Student Special Project/In-service and Evaluation Form
  • Student Evaluation of Clinical Site and Clinical Instructor

Other Useful Forms

Student Data Form:

This is a form students complete and deliver to you. Use this copy if revisions are needed or you did not receive a form.
Pages 1-2: General student information, previous experiences, learning styles, goals, etc.

Clinical Site Information Form:

This is a form required by the APTA for accreditation of physical therapist assistant programs. Students also review this form and the information provided prior to going to your facility for clinical experiences.