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Koushik Banerjee

Professor of Chemistry

Kimberly Battle

Administrative Assistant II, Charter High Schools, Polk State Lakeland Gateway to College High School

Polk State Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School Assistant Principal Keith Bonney

Keith Bonney

Principal, Polk State Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School

Kathy Bucklew

Director Student Enrollment Services/Registrar

Kathy Connelly

Academic Advisor, Advising

Kelly Daley

Administrative Clerk, Kenneth C. Thompson Institute of Public Safety

Kim DeRonda

Testing and Tutoring Manager, Librarian, Library, Teaching Learning Computing Center (TLCC)

Kevin Ferrier

Program Director, Cardiovascular Technology

Kimberly Hess

Professor of Mathematics, Academics, Mathematics

Kristen Jernigan

Instruction and E-learning Librarian, Library

Keith Kelso

Student Data Analyst

Kevin Knight

Financial Aid Specialist

Keith Libert

Professor of Computer Network Engineering Technology, Network Systems Engineering Technology

Kaylie Lindsey

Professor of Nursing, Nursing

Kathy McLaughlin

Administrative Clerk

Kim Montgomery

Accounting Assistant Student Accounts, Business Office

Karen Moore

Director of Development, Foundation & Alumni

Karen Moore

Data Analyst

Kelley Morales

Information Assistant

KT Moran

Professor of Earth Science

Kathy Nicklaus

Professor of English
Honors Teaching Area: Humanities, Creative Writing

Kathleen O'Donnell

Student Success Advisor

Kimberly Pearsall

Director, Disability & Counseling Services

Kristie Peneguy

Administrative Assistant III, Foundation & Alumni

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