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Jennifer Abels

Associate Chief Information Officer

Freddie Acevedo

Professor, Academics, Network Systems Engineering Technology

Charles Adcock

Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics

Rogelio Aleman

Professor of Mathematics, Mathematics
Honors Teaching Area: Mathematics

David Alexander

Professor of Humanities, PhD, Liberal Arts

Dawn Allen

Assistant Principal, Charter High Schools, Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School

Dara Altheimer

Professor of Nursing, Academics, Health Sciences, Nursing

Travis Altman

Professor of Business, Business Programs

Luzbei Alvarez

Administrative Assistant II

Brandon Amato

Teaching Lab Assistant

Christopher Amato

Learning Technologist, System Admin

Joan Amato

Administrative Assistant II, Office of the President

Chad Anderson

Campus Security

Dale Anderson

Professor of Healthcare Administration, Academics, Business Programs, Health Sciences

Kai Anderson

Interim Theater Technician, The Arts, Theatre

Star Anderson

Administrative Assistant III, Human Resources

Emmett Andrews

Director of Public Safety and Security

Angelene Armbruster

Procurement Specialist, Purchasing

Dawn Armbruster

Administrative Assistant II, Charter High Schools, Polk State Chain of Lakes Collegiate High School

Holly Arnaud

Guidance Counselor, Charter High Schools, Polk State Lakeland Collegiate High School

Cheryl Arrington

Student Success Advisor, Educational Talent Search

Urshela Atkins

Professor of English, Liberal Arts

Amy Austin

Librarian, Library