Forms & Schedules

Observation Hours Form

This form needs to be printed and shown to the clinician being shadowed. Once the 20 hours of observation are completed, the form is to be submitted along with the OTA Program Application Form.

Physical Exam Form

To be used only by students who have been accepted into the program. The student needs to take this form to the physician performing the physical exam, ensuring that the physician completes all sections. Once completed, the form is to be submitted to the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator of the OTA program before the first day of class in January. The program accepts titer verification and/or an immunization record.

Resume Template

Use this template to assist you with developing a resume, which is to be submitted along with the application form and observation hours form.

Spring and Fall Schedules
Schedules for the first and second year are available for your convenience. Classes are scheduled two days a week.