TEAS Admission Test Requirements

The  ATITEAS test (Test of Essential Academic Skills) is an admission requirement for the Nursing program, both the generic and transition tracks.   The following is basic information you will need about the test:

  • The TEAS test is a computerized exam covering reading, English and language, math, and science.
  • The TEAS must be taken in a proctored environment at an educational institution which offers the test. At Polk State College the exam is offered at the Winter Haven and Lakeland campuses at various times during each term.
  • You may take the exam up to 3 times a year, with the initial attempt serving as the start of the year. There must be at least 30 days between attempts.  Note: The attempt restrictions apply even if the test is taken at a location other than Polk State College.
  • The test can take up to 3.5 hours to complete.
  • At Polk State College, the current cost per exam attempt is $78, non-refundable.  Other institutions may charge a different testing fee. Check their policies if you choose to test elsewhere. If you test elsewhere, you must request for scores to be sent to Polk from ATI–see note below.
  • Financial aid does not cover the cost of the exam.
  • The minimum overall score needed to be considered for admission to the program is 70 on the composite score; however, a score of 70 may not be competitive for admission.  Most students accepted for admission have a score of high-70s and above.
  • Some testing centers give the tests in parts; however, there is no way for ATI to compute a composite score unless all parts of the test are taken at the same time.  Therefore, for test scores to be acceptable to Polk State, the complete test must be taken. This includes initial testing as well as any repeat attempts.


The TEAS Manual and online practice resources are available for purchase from ATI at www.atitesting.com.   Self-paced, interactive, online tutorial assistance is also available for purchase at www.examave.com and at  http://www.mometrix.com/academy/teas-test/.  The study manual can also be purchased at the Polk State College bookstores.  Students are encouraged to prepare for the test and not to just take the test blindly without preparation.  In preparation be sure you are using materials which are for the current version of the test, which is titled ATITEAS, or may be listed as TEAS-6.


Go to www.atitesting.com and follow the steps below to create an account with ATI:

  • Create an account (above picture, to the right of the Search box on the ATI website). Note: Do not select “Register for TEAS” or you will be instructed to choose a test site elsewhere.
  • Complete all items in blue, including your Polk State College Student ID. It is essential that you use your Polk student ID for us to be able to post scores to your Polk record.
  • Uncheck “Non-degree” box and enter expected graduation date calculated based on acceptance into the program for the semester for which you are applying.
  • Make note of the User Name and Password that you created. You will need these items on test day.

To test at Polk State, go to Passport at http://passport.polk.edu and sign into your Passport account.

  • Go to “Registration” > “Add/Drop” in the menu bar on the top of the page.
  • Select the semester you will be taking the test.
  • Sign up for “class ” listed as TEA9999. This is not a class but the TEAS exam; however, the procedure is the same as signing up for a class.
  • Pay the fee in Passport with a credit card the same as paying for a class or pay in person at the Cashier’s Office on the Lakeland or Winter Haven Campus. The College will accept cash, checks, or credit cards.
  • On your scheduled test day, please arrive about 15 minutes early to allow time for check-in. You must bring a picture ID with you.

If you register for the test but decide not to take it when scheduled, you MUST drop the test before the scheduled test day/time or you will be held financially liable for the test.

If you take the test at a location other than Polk, your results will most likely go to the school where you tested. You cannot print out those results to turn in to Polk. You must contact ATI and request an official transcript of your scores to be sent to Polk State College. There is a fee to ATI for this service and they will send the scores electronically, usually within 48 hours of the request. If you are requesting scores to be sent to Polk State, you must have applied to Polk in order to have a Polk record and student ID for the results to be posted to your record. If you requested the scores and you do not see them posted to your Polk record, contact the Nursing Department Director.  We could have received the report but not have had sufficient identifying information to know whose results they were.

Effective August 31, 2016 the TEAS test changed to a new version called ATITEAS.  All students who apply for admission beginning with the May 2017 application period will be required to have the new test.

In the event of a technical problem during testing, students will have the option of waiting to see if the technical issue can be resolved in a reasonable time period or if the test will need to be discontinued as determined by the test administrator. If a student continues with testing after resolution of the technical issue, the testing attempt counts as an attempt and the score earned will be posted. If the technical issue cannot be resolved and it is necessary to discontinue testing, the test attempt will not count and arrangements will be made to reschedule the student.