Admission Process

  • Application Deadlines:
    • Transition Track: May 15 – 31 for August class.  Admission is one time a year only.
    • Generic Track: May 15 – 31 for August class; August 15-31 for January class
  • Applications are not available until the application period and will be available online at that time.
  • To be considered a complete and acceptable application, the forms must have all questions answered and the applicant’s signature.  Official transcripts from all colleges and technical schools attended since high school and the score on the TEAS admission test must also be on file in the Registrar’s Office by the application deadline.  An incomplete application will not be processed and data cannot be added to the application after the close of the application period.
  • Applications are not processed and reviewed by the Admissions Committee until the close of the application period. The application review and admissions decision process may take up to 4 weeks to process.  Information regarding the status of the application will not be available until the processing is complete, at which time students will receive notice by mail regarding acceptance status. Individuals not accepted for admission must reapply to be considered for the next application period. There is no “waiting list.”
  • Transition students who are not sure about which track is best for them are encouraged to apply for the generic track also.  We do not move applications from one stack to another so a separate application is required. The Transition track is an accelerated pathway and students with significant family or work responsibilities are encouraged to consider the generic track.
Acceptance Decision

Applicants are ranked using a points system.  Currently the formula is TEAS score + (5 X overall GPA) + (5 X GPA in program courses) + degree points if applicable (2 for previous AA/AS; or 4 for baccalaureate; or 6 for master’s or above) = total points.

The students with the highest number of points are accepted for admission, with the specific number dependent upon the number of slots available.  At the present time, each generic class is approximately 100 students and the transition class is approximately 50 students; however, this is not all new students as there may be returning students. The next several students on the list are designated as alternates and will be notified as soon as possible if a position becomes available.  Others will receive denial letters.  Any student not accepted for admission must reapply during the next application period.  There are five slots in the generic class and two slots in the transition class designated a priority for veterans.