About the Program

The Coding Specialist Program is a 37-credit hour certificate program. It consists of 11 courses and may be completed in 5 semesters. The program provides students with a robust curriculum that includes Anatomy and Physiology, Medical Terminology, Pharmacology, Human Diseases, specialized professional courses that consist of lecture, lab, and hands-on and/or virtual clinical practice.

Students may enroll in the Coding Specialist Program during any semester; however, some courses are only offered during specific semesters or have pre- or co-requisites.

The Medical Coding Specialist Program courses are offered in a variety of traditional and non-traditional formats, including online, hybrid, and evening options.  Most face-to-face program courses are held on Polk State College’s Airside West Campus, 3515 Aviation Drive, Lakeland, FL 33811.  Please contact Susan Whatley, swhatley@polk.edu, 863.669.2897, for more information.

Program Requirements
Medical Coding Specialist Program

Semester 1
HIM 1472, Medical Terminology for Medical Coding
HIM 1453, Anatomy and Physiology for HIM

Semester 2
HIM 2724, ICD-10 Coding
HIM 1000, Fundamentals of Health Information Management
HIM 1442, Pharmacology for HIM Professionals

Semester 3
HIM 2721, CPT Coding
HIM 1443, Human Disease for Healthcare Documentation

Semester 4
HIM 1272, Medical Insurance and Billing Fundamentals
HIM 2292, Advanced Coding Applications

Semester 5
HIM 2810L, Coding Application Practicum
HIM 2874, Medical Coding Certification Exam Review
CGS 1061, Intro to Computers and Information Systems

Please note:
HSC 1531, Medical Terminology, may not be substituted for HIM 1472
BSC 2084C, Basic Anatomy, and BSC 2085C/BSC 2086C, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, may not be substituted for HIM 1453

HIM 1472 Medical Terminology for Medical Coding3
HIM 1453: Anatomy and Physiology for HIM4
CGS 1061: Introduction to Computers3
HIM 1000: Fundamental Applications of HIM3
HIM 1443: Human Diseases for Healthcare Documentation4
HIM 1442: Pharmacology for HIM Professionals2
HIM 1272: Medical Insurance and Billing Fundamentals3
HIM 2721C: CPT Coding4
HIM 2724C: ICD-10 Coding4
HIM 2292: Advanced Coding Applications3
HIM 2810L: Coding Application Practicum3
 HIM 2874: Medical Coding Certification Exam Review 1
Total Credit Hours Earned37