Resume Writing

Your resume may be one of the most important documents you ever construct. While there are many different styles of resume writing that can be used when applying for your first “real” job, Polk State College uses a standard format for the internship. To apply for an internship, your resume should follow the outline and style below:

Your identifying information:
Name, local address, phone number(s), and email. If you have a career-based website, list it also.

Career Objective:
This should be a single concise sentence, spotlighting your strengths and interests while also being open to a variety of internship options so you don’t limit yourself.

Begin with the most current first, which is ongoing (Polk State).
“Toot your horn” here – what have you got to brag about?

Group them as “Work Experience” and “Volunteer Experience” if you have both.

Additional Skill Sets:
Mention your computer skills (application proficiency), any technical skills, any language skills beyond English, and any “value-added” skills (e.g., public speaking, customer service skills).

Extracurricular Interests:
This is up to you – if you think it helps, include it (e.g., noting that you’re involved in competitive barrel racing might display ambitiousness); if not, leave it out.

Universal Resume Writing Tips:

  • It must not contain any errors.
  • The formatting must be flawless – font, text size, spacing, etc.
  • Your email address needs to be professional (no “,” or the like).
  • It should fit on one page if possible.
  • It should be lean – include only what is essential, not everything there might be to say.
  • It should be truthful. You have to be able to back up anything you put on a resume.

For more resume writing information please see:
College Central (make sure to enroll on our site in order to take advantage of the many resources available) or visit Optimal Resume.