Global Initiatives Advisory Board

2016-2017 Global Initiatives Advisory Board

Aaron Williams LEGOLAND
Alice Ancona Director of Global Outreach, Florida Chamber of Commerce
Alex Lucio Vice-President, 3B Products, Inc.
Bruce Lyons Executive Director, Winter Haven Economic Development Center
Cedric Joseph Director, Office of Supplier Diversity, Polk County BOCC
Dawn Decaminada Supervisor, CFDC-Sm. Business Assistant Ctr
Deena Ware Assistant Town Manager/ Town Clerk, City of Dundee
George Lin Chinese Cuisine – Publix
Grace Franca Aquilla/G100
Gwen Allen Professional Development Manager, PSC
Herb Nold BAS Faculty, PSC
Javier Marin Director of Business Development, Central Florida Development Council
John Barberet Chair, GI Committee
Kim Simpson Global Initiatives, Program Coordinator, PSC
Kristy Dulkoski Commercial Manager, Mosaic
Logan Randolph Faculty Coordinator, Global Studies, PSC
Marco Franca Aquilla/G100
Maria Lehoczky Professor of Business, PSC
Matina Wagner Internship Coordinator, PSC
Matt Twitty Manager, Advantage Travel
Meri Mass Director, Polk Arts Alliance
Pat Buchanan State Coordinator, Sister Cities International
Rick Garcia President & CEO, Gulf Coast Avionics
Robert Lee Owner, Chinese Cuisine – Publix
Roy Oberhofer Vice-President, Cogistics
Ruben Santos Colorado Boxed Beef
Ryan Taylor City Manager, Town of Dundee
Sandra Campbell Director, Tampa Bay Export Assistance Center
Shirley Merkert Student Donor, Polk State Alumni
Teresa Durbin HR Specialist/Recruiter, Cutrale Citrus
Tracy Porter Executive Director, PSC
Virginie Schena Human Resources Director, LEGOLAND
Yesse Olivas HR Manager, Cutrale Citrus


Thank you Posto 9 for generous hospitality and support of the Polk State College Institute of Global Initiatives.

Institute for Global Initiatives Key Contacts




Donald Painter

Interim VP, Academic Affairs

Logan Randolph

Faculty Coordinator, Global Studies

John Barberet

Chair, Global Initiatives Committee

Kim Simpson

Coordinator, Global Initiatives Prog.

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