Transition Plan

Digital Media is a changing field, and periodically, we modify the courses we offer to stay abreast of new technologies and capabilities available to us. Students currently enrolled in digital media have the option to complete their degree under the same program requirements that existed when they started or transition to the revised program and take advantage of the new course options. Whichever choice students make, we will work with them to ensure all previous courses they successfully passed are counted toward their degree. Please consult the program coordinator or director for specific help.

We also provide alternate courses for courses no longer available in our program. Please see below:

Core Courses

Replacement Courses

GRA 1206 Fund. of Typography GRA 2150C Editing w/ Photoshop
MMC 1000 Comm. Mass Media GRA 2120C Page Layout
DIG 2430C Digital Storytelling COP 2842 or GRA 2121C

Web Production

Replacement Courses

CGS 2800C Web Arch & Design CGS 2829C Adv. Web Development
GRA 1206 Fund. of Typography CTS 1441 Database Fund.
MAR 2011 Prin. of Marketing CGS 2822C Inter. Web Development
PGY 2802C Dig. Photography II CGS 2822C Inter. Web Development

Video Production

Replacement Courses

MAR 2011 Prin. of Marketing DIG 2261C Dig. Audio Production
PGY 2802 Dig. Photography II DIG 2261C Dig. Audio Prod.

Graphic Design

Replacement Courses

GRA 2156C Dig. Design Illust DIG 2156C Dig. Illustration
DIG 2341C Motion Graphics for DM GRA 2751C Visual Design for Web