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Keith Greene holds out a clapper behind Ashley Bramwell in the green screen studio.

Ashley and Keith prep for a shoot.

Digital Media Technology at Polk State is an academic department that trains its students in digital art. As such, Digital Media has three options to route media requests:

  1. STUDENT PROJECT (for student projects where quality and deadlines are not critical).
  2. NEWS SEGMENT (small projects that fit our news program).
  3. PROFESSIONAL PROJECT (for projects where quality and content matter).

College multimedia requests that are not included in the above parameters may be directed to the Office of Communications and Public Affairs at


The Digital Media Technology (DMT) department of Polk State College trains students in videography, graphic design and web production and offers an AS degree to students who successfully complete the program. To encourage real-world training for students, we may accept limited requests for digital media services, subject to conditions noted herein.

The average student who enrolls in the digital media program needs significant training before he or she is capable of professional output. Therefore, clients who submit projects that are accepted must exercise patience and understanding as students work through them.

The results may not match output from a seasoned programmer, editor, web developer, videographer, or graphics specialist. Students accept these projects primarily to learn, and end-products may need considerable improvements or differ significantly from expectations. If your projects are critical, time-sensitive, or require significant time commitment, you should consult professionals. The Digital Media department or professors will not fix, edit, or improve student products for client use.

Additionally, requests we accept are routed through existing or planned courses, which means that professors teaching those courses need to sign-off on the project or agree to supervise the project. Not all professors are willing to commit to this because of the added workload. Some requests, if accepted, may face long delays or several semesters before they can be implemented. Finally, completed projects may not reflect the standards of the department, the instructor, or a professional.

If you have a media project request for us to consider, please SELECT THE FORM BELOW, COMPLETE THE QUESTIONS and SUBMIT it for review. We will review your submissions and respond within seven (7) days. Additionally, please send an email to: letting us know you completed the form.

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