Common Questions

  1. Why change the existing Digital Media / Multimedia program?

    Digital Media and Technology is a constantly changing field that requires regular updates to course offerings to reflect emerging academic and workforce needs. Our program in its current form promotes technical skills development by introducing students to specific software applications for image editing, web programming, video creation, and related skills.

    Every few years, we gather a panel of experts (advisory committee) to help us review and improve our digital media (DM) program. After evaluating our course offerings, members of the panel recommended that we expand our focus beyond technical skills development and instead implement a comprehensive focus that introduces students to universal principles of good design, creative ideas, interactivity, interface design, usability, web design, oral and written communication, visual storytelling, imaging, lighting, composition, target audience awareness, client needs, project management, troubleshooting, portfolio development, entrepreneurship and soft skills development. Technical skills development will remain a core strength of our program but will be supplemented by a comprehensive approach to digital media that offers solutions.