Training for Manufactured Construction (TRAMCON)

Director: Howard Drake, M.B.A., M.S.
Program Manager: Karyn Lindsay
Recruitment and Completions Coach: Mary Beth Shapiro

Training for Manufactured Construction (TRAMCON) is a continuation of the highly successful Department of Labor Employment in Advanced Manufacturing grant initiative.  Polk State College is one of TRAMCON’s four-college consortium, consisting of Miami-Dade College, Sante Fe College, Seminole State College. Through this grant, these colleges provided educational and career pathways for unemployed individuals and incumbent workers.

Students who participated in TRAMCON training had the opportunity to earn certifications in MSSC CPT, OSHA 30, NCCER, and Manufactured Construction. These certifications prepared students for employment in the manufactured construction field. The training portion of the TRAMCON grant ends March 31, 2018.