Florida Phosphate Producers (FPP) Classes

FPP Class Information

  • Annual Refresher & New Miner start precisely at 7:00 am
  • Florida Phosphate Producers (FPP) Basic 16-hr starts precisely at 8:00 am

Plan on arriving 30 minutes before class time.
Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Contractor Safety Institute & the Florida Phosphate Producers & Polk State Corporate College Contractor Safety Program. The information below will give you a brief overview of the Contractor Safety program. For more detailed information click on the “Information Packet” link above. Thank you again.

The Contractor Safety program consists of three classes:

1. Florida Phosphate Producers (FPP) Basic 16-hr Training Program* (16 hours)  Fee: $155.00
Completion of this program is required for all “new hires” and is the initial program required to obtain the Florida Phosphate Producers Picture Identification Card (FPP ID Card) that allows access to the Florida Phosphate Producers’ members’ chemical plant facilities.

2. Annual Refresher Training Program* (10 hours)  Fee: $125.00
This program is required annually for all those that have successfully completed the 16hr Basic Program or the 10-hour Annual Refresher and have a Florida Phosphate Producers picture ID card. This program will also renew the MSHA 5000.23 certificate. For those seeking to renew their MSHA certificate, they MUST present their old 5000.23. The Annual Refresher must be successfully completed on or before the month in which the Florida Phosphate Producers ID card was issued.

*Successful completion of the Contractor Safety Training Basic 16-hr Program and/or Annual Refresher is required of contractors in order to enter a Florida Phosphate Producers Member facility chemical plant site. (FPP card)

3. MSHA New Miner (24 hours) Fee: $175.00
MSHA requires that everyone in the mine has to know and be familiar with all the safety rules and be trained completely in all aspects of the mine. MSHA requires that each new miner receives no less than 24 hours of training. At the completion of this program participants will receive an MSHA 5000.23 form needed for access to the Florida Phosphate Producers mine sites.