Coordinator: Jamie Rowan                    Assistant: Sarah Maguire


The Polk County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) provided Polk State College with a grant to build an additive manufacturing facility in support of local economic development. With this award, Polk State College purchased four commercial-grade printers and a high-resolution 3D scanner to help create the new 3D Innovation Lab at the Polk State Clear Springs Advanced Technology Center (ATC). The new lab provides opportunities to learn, design and print; moving projects from concept to market as rapidly as possible.

  • LEARN – Polk State offers non-credit professional training in 3D modeling software including SolidWorks and Inventor. Courses are offered for beginners and advanced students and specialized workshops can be designed to fit specific needs.
  • DESIGN – Polk State offers professional modeling services at reduced rates. The College partners with local businesses and entrepreneurs to provide professional, affordable 3D modeling files that can be used to create a tangible product.
  • PRINT – 3D printing services are available to businesses and the public. Polk State’s 3D supervisor can recommend the appropriate printing technology to suit your project.