Home School Dual Enrollment

Welcome to Polk State College! We are glad you are here. Before dual enrollment, parents or your home school official should read the Dual Enrollment Agreement and the Home School Addendum. This will help you understand the expectations, limitations, and regulations about dual enrollment at Polk State College.

Follow the Dual Enrollment Seven Steps to Admission. You will also get a personalized checklist in your student portal after you apply. You will also complete the Dual Enrollment Approval form prior to visiting with an advisor.


Information on Textbooks and Required Classroom Materials for Home School Students

Eligible home education students should follow the process outlined below for obtaining required textbooks and instructional materials (course materials):

  1. Course materials must be obtained from the Polk State College Bookstore on the campus on which the student is taking classes.
  2. Course materials are available between the Financial Aid Bookstore Purchase Dates as specified on the Polk State College Academic Calendar. Academic Calendars are available online at – https://www.polk.edu/academics/academic-calendars/.
  3. Students may obtain textbooks and materials during the Financial Aid bookstore purchase dates at least one business day after the day they enroll for classes.
  4. Students must bring a printed copy of their course schedule to the Bookstore in order to receive course materials.
  5. Students will be required to provide photo identification as well a valid e-mail address in order to receive communication from the College Bookstore. Students should monitor the e-mail address provided to the Bookstore throughout the semester for communication regarding return dates.
  6. Course materials must be returned to the College Bookstore by the specified date. Students who fail to return course materials will have a financial hold placed on their account, will have their registration canceled for the upcoming term, and will be barred from further registration until the obligation is satisfied.